Thursday, September 27, 2012

Braves we come!

The Braves are in the playoffs. I have 4 words for all of you.


Last year the Braves choked and the Cards took advantage. This year has a chance to make up for all of that. First of all, last year Freddy Freeman was the last out of the awful September. This year he had the game-winning HR to clinch a playoff berth. I hope we come back to win the division but we likely won't. I want the Cards. Then we can have our shot at the Nats.

Let's hope Bourn gets healthy and that the team continues to play like this. I don't remember the last time a Braves team came into the postseason playing this well. It might have been 1993 when we came back against the Giants. Speaking of which, I want revenge against the Giants too. We don't have Brooks Conrad on our roster this year.

Let's go Braves!


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