Thursday, September 6, 2012

Braves win, Dodgers and Cardinals lose

The magic number to clinch a wildcard spot is 21 now after the Braves win and Dodgers loss. Also the Cardinals lost so we now have a 3 game lead for homefield advantage in the wildcard game. We are actually a better road team than a home team so this probably doesn't help much.

We wrap up the series with Colorado today. A win would be huge going into our next road trip. Dan Uggla continues to struggle as does McCann. The Braves don't have an earned run in their last 2 games which concerns me. The good news is that Mike Minor looked fantastic last night. Minor would be my number 3 in our rotation right now though I still don't completely trust him because he is prone to giving up the long ball. I'm hoping we see the real Tommy Hanson very soon. I think a healthy Tommy Hanson gives us a shot in the postseason. I think the old Dan Uggla would do the same. I look forward to Andrelton Simmons returning this weekend and flashing the leather and hitting some bombs.

Go Braves!


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